Ways to Make Sharing an Apartment Easier

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Sharing an apartment can be an interesting endeavor. Whether you’re sharing with strangers or friends you know well, being in such close quarters with other people can have its tense moments. Many disputes arise from mundane issues like clashing schedules or kitchen hygiene. Here are three ways you can make sharing an apartment a little easier. Continue reading

Rainy Season Maintenance Tips for San Diego Rentals

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San Diego is celebrated for it’s pleasant, year-round climate. Even so, some of the most interesting times stretch from November to March. If you aren’t careful, rain and moisture damage can wreak expensive maintenance havoc on San Diego rentals.

5 Maintenance Tips to Protect Rental Investments During Rainy Season

The following 5 tips are affordable, and are the difference between owning weather-tight buildings or paying for costly, long-term moisture damage. Continue reading

Do I Need a Property Manager? Part 1

Property Manager

Owning a portfolio of properties in the San Diego area can be a rewarding business experience. You not only want to turn a profit, but you also wish to provide quality housing for your tenants. Somewhere along the way you may find that managing many properties can become a cumbersome and time-consuming process. It’s at this point you may ask yourself, “Do I need a property manager?”

Answering yes to this question is just the start. Finding the right property management company will take some homework on your part. There are many considerations you will have to take into account to ensure that your properties are properly managed with your interests in mind. NOLO Press recommends you ask yourself the following questions:  Continue reading