5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Tenants

property management

We welcome tenants who show respect for property, neighbors and the community. We’re proud of setting these standards for San Diego with our careful selection of tenants, which helps make our properties desirable places to live for positive forward-thinking families and individuals.

Whether you are a property manager, agent or renter, this set of basic screening questions can help you understand the ideal relationship between landlords and tenants of rental properties.  Continue reading

Do I Need A Property Manager? Part 2

property manager

New to the business of renting properties? Regardless whether it is a single home or a unit with multiple apartments, be sure you understand the ins and outs of property management.

You may see yourself as ready to handle the property management process – from showing a place to accepting a renter. And no doubt you are, but do you know all the laws in and around San Diego? Often, different neighborhoods have unique regulations. Continue reading