10 Better Ways To Spend Your Time Besides Managing Your Property

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So, you’ve decided your time is valuable and to hire a professional property manager. No answering late night calls, routine maintenance, or interviewing new potential tenants. So what are you going to do will all of your free time? We’ve got the ultimate list of activities to enjoy this summer.

Enjoy a Movie On a Summer Night

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What to Expect: Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees

At first it may seem cost effective to manage your own home, but there are many unforeseen costs you may not know about or what to look for. Ultimately, hiring a property manager will minimize landlords overall costs and more importantly their time. Of course, this service isn’t a public service, so here are the fees to expect.

Be An Investor

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5 Common Myths About Property Management

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If you are considering renting out a property or if you currently manage your own property think about hiring a property manager. Real estate is one of the best investments in our economic and political climate, so leave your investment in the hands of professionals. They will take care of time consuming tasks and ultimately shorten the length of time tenants aren’t living in your home, thus increasing your return.

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Is the Real Estate Bubble Going to Pop?

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Buying real estate and renting it out has proven to be a lucrative investment in the past couple years. But is it too good to be true? During the Great Recession in 2007 the housing market plummeted and investors quickly made their move by buying distressed or foreclosed properties. Private equity funds like Blackstone invested billions of dollars buying up single-family homes.

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