Don’t Rent Out Your Property Before Reading This

Rental Property

Quite naturally, the primary reason that you – or any property owner – would rent out your property is in order to derive a stream of income. In fact; this has traditionally been more viable than most other ways of making money, and is capable of either putting extra money in your pocket, or liberating you altogether, in a financial sense. However, as with any endeavor, it is important to apprise yourself of the salient aspects of renting out property, so that you are positioned to succeed. Continue reading

Millennials, Live the Dream [Insert Travel Emoji] By Buying A Home

financial freedom
Millennials have a different a unique mindset, they value mobility versus the stability other generations have. Not only that, but they would rather experience life in their youth rather than waiting to travel when they are retired. Obviously, money plays a factor as well as simply not wanting to settle down as soon as previous generations

It might sounds counter intuitive but buying a house can actually enable you to have a mobile lifestyle and here’s how. Continue reading

Part 2: Questions to Ask BEFORE Getting A Property Manager

Property Management

You’ve researched the right property for your investment, but your due diligence is also required to find the right property manager. Don’t choose blindly, choose someone your trust will help your investment grow. If you haven’t already, you should read the first 20 questions to ask your property manager. If you have, continue reading for the complete list of questions to ask. Continue reading

Part 1: Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Property Manager

Property Management Questions
Real estate investors do their due diligence when finding the right property, but the same care should apply to finding the most qualified property manager. Ultimately, this is your investment and no one else so naturally you are going to put the most effort into protecting your investment.

If you have a busy schedule or simply don’t want to use up your free time with the hassle of being a landlord then finding someone to manage your property is imperative. Here’s a comprehensive list of every question you should ask before you hire a property manager. Continue reading