Why It’s the Perfect Time to Invest in Single-Family Homes

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Although the housing collapse of 2008 took a chunk out of the real estate market, the truth is that Americans had been buying fewer and fewer single-family homes since 2006. As a consequence of the supply-and-demand, this state of affairs doesn’t seem all that good at first glance; but in fact, it represents a dazzling opportunity for institutional investors. Continue reading

Why the Demand For Retail Condos Has Sky Rocketed

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Challenges in the real estate marketplace are continuing unabated, presenting the opportunity for investors to consider shifting the focus to long-term alternatives that can produce a generous return on investment while still providing for an overall flexibility. This shift among many investors is contributing to an increase in demand for retail condos in many gateway cities across the globe. This is being seen in cities like San Diego, CA and has skyrocketed in New York, NY since 2008. Continue reading

Are Your Preparing For the Impending Investment Property Storm?

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Growing difficulties across all market segments, coupled with instability in the capital markets are amplifying existing pressures brought about due to the general unease with the current geopolitical situations. In addition, these pressures are enhanced by upcoming financial regulations is set to be imposed in some sectors. All of which are forcing a strategy rethink among real estate investors. Said strategic evaluation is primarily an emphasis on capital preservation while some are further considering a retrench. Continue reading