Drive Up Rentals Through Social Media

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Social media as a business tool is used to attract new business and help define what your target audience is looking for. It’s about telling a story and having a conversation with your followers about your voice, personality and culture. In other words, it’s a great way to drive up rentals at your rental prop maximizing your income and reducing costly turnovers.

Using social medial to help fill rental units allows you to make a much more personal and meaningful connection with people than other forms of marketing. Because there is that two-way interaction, though, you’ll need to get creative to increase your property’s visibility and engage and attract the ideal tenant.

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How to Get Stellar Reviews From Your Tenants

property management online review

Online reviews are becoming an increasingly common research tool for people seeking information and advice on everything from a restaurant to a doctor. Property management companies can benefit immensely from “positive” online reviews. Positive reviews can raise your reputation and exposure in the community, resulting in higher occupancy rates.

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You’ve found the Property Now Get the Loan

mortgage rental property
Lending habits have drastically changed over the years. Once lenient banks have now turned into critics. Buying a new home can be attainable if you follow these guidelines.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Lenders will choose the most reliable candidates so start looking over your financial portfolio to see how you measure up. First have you stayed at a job for at least 2 years? Lenders want to see you can stick to your commitments. This also applies to changing up your career path. As long as you can prove your stability you are in the clear. With that said a living made off of commission looks more concerning than a salary. Continue reading